Bootstrap Interview Questions and Answers | Part-1

Bootstrap Recently Asked Interview Questions and Answers

1. Explain what is Bootstrap and why it is used and its importance?

  • Bootstrap is a large collection of predefined reusable Code Snippets written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The Code Snippets include Buttons, Cards, Carousels, etc.
  • Why is it used?
    • Bootstrap helps us design websites faster and easier. It includes HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, tables, navigation, modals, image carousels, etc.
  • Importance of Bootstrap
    • Bootstrap is an open-source framework that combines HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to help developers create web applications.
    • Bootstrap can be used to develop desktop and mobile. There is a built-in capability to resize the app automatically, making it smooth to move from a website to a mobile app.
    • With Bootstrap, developers can access built-in layouts, colors, text, image shapes, themes, menus, buttons, and more.
    • The user interface is easy to use and built using Bootstrap.

2. What are the advantages of Bootstrap?

These are the few advantages of Bootstrap:

  • Easy to Use: Bootstrap is very easy and quite simple to use for designing and development. Being a new framework there is a lot to learn from it. It can be used with CSS, LESS or SaaS, etc.
  • An Alliance is Quite Easy: Bootstrap is a framework that is easily integrated with bulk frameworks uninterrupted with existing sites or the new ones.
  • Fast and Time-Saving Framework: Bootstrap is an agile framework that is quite faster than other frameworks. It saves time due to its standard ready-made coding blocks, responsiveness, and cross-browser capabilities.
  • Reinforcement of Grids: One more recommendable feature is that Bootstrap holds 12 column grid styles and supports responsiveness, counterbalance, and embedded elements.
  • Adhere to Basics: Bootstrap is a framework that holds base styling HTML elements like, tables, typography, buttons, forms, images, lists, and icons, etc.

3. How do you use Bootstrap in HTML?

To use the Code Snippets provided by Bootstrap, we need to add a piece of code within the HTML head element. We call it Bootstrap CDN.

4. Tell me some Bootstrap class names?

Bootstrap classes:

  • btn
  • btn-primary
  • row
  • container
  • text-center
  • text-danger….. many more

5. Who Developed The Bootstrap?

Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter.

6. Explain why Bootstrap is preferred for website development?

  • Bootstrap has better features as compared to other web development platforms.
  • It provides extensive browser support for almost every known browser such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Also, it supports mobile applications with the help of responsive design and can adjust CSS as per the device, screen size, etc.
  • Instead of creating multiple files, it creates only a single file reducing the work of a developer.

7. What are the key components of Bootstrap? OR What does Bootstrap package includes?

The key components of Bootstrap include:

  • CSS: It consists of various CSS files.
  • Scaffolding: It provides a basic structure with the Grid system, link styles, and background.
  • Layout Components: This gives the list of layout components.
  • JavaScript Plugins: It contains many jQuery and JavaScript plugins.
  • Customize: To get your own version of the framework, you can customize your components.

8. What are Class loaders in Bootstrap?

A class loader is a part of JRE or Java Runtime Environment which loads Java classes into Java virtual environment.

Class loaders also perform the process of converting a named class into its equivalent binary form.

9. What is the difference between Bootstrap and Foundation?

Bootstrap offers an unlimited number of UI elements.In Foundation UI element options are very limited in numbers.
Bootstraps uses pixels.Foundation use REMs.
It encourages to design for both desktop and mobile.Foundation encourages to design mobile first.
Bootstrap support LESS as its preprocessor.It supports Sass and Compass as its preprocessor.

10. What do you mean by Bootstrap well?

Bootstrap well is nothing but a container that makes the content appear sunken.

Sometimes it may also give an inset effect on the webpage.Thus, a developer can create a well and also wrap the content in the well with the help of <div> and class .well . The content would appear as per your wish.

11. What is Normalize in Bootstrap?

Bootstrap uses Normalize to establish cross-browser consistency.

Normalize.css is a modern, HTML5-ready alternative to CSS resets. It is a small CSS file that provides better cross-browser consistency in the default styling of HTML elements.

12. Why do we use the affix plugin in Bootstrap?

We use the affix plugin in Bootstrap for affixing a <div> to some certain location on a webpage.The plugin also allows toggling pinning on and off for the affixed <div>. Social icons are the most popular example of using the affix plugin in Bootstrap.

The affixed <div> starts from a particular location on the webpage and scrolls with it. However, after a certain mark, it will be locked in place, thus stopping scrolling with the rest of the webpage.

13. List Any Three Components of Bootstrap?

Navbar acts like a header for navigation on your website.


<nav class = “navbar”> 
    // Code your navigation DOM elements 

Jumbotron behaves like a viewport; can assume full screen to concentrate on a key content.


<div class = “jumbotron”>
 //Your content within DOM elements here 

Progress bars displays feedback highlighting the progress of an action.


<div class=”progress-bar” role=”progressbar” aria-valuenow=”60″ aria-valuemin=”0″ aria-valuemax=”100″ style=”width: 60%;”></div>

14. What are the difference between different bootstrap versions?

Difference between Bootstrap 5, Bootstrap 4, and Bootstrap 3.

Bootstrap 5Bootstrap 4Bootstrap 3
No support for I.ENo support for I.E 8 and 9 onlySupport Internet Explorer 8 and 9
Separate both Portrait and Landscape mode on Smartphones.Separate both Portrait and Landscape mode on Smartphones.Both Portrait and Landscape mode looks identical.
Container size 1320pxContainer Size 1140pxContainer Size 1170px
Six Class prefix,i.e col-xxl, col-xl, col-lg-, col-md- , col-sm-, col- .Five Class prefix,i.e col-xl, col-lg- , col-md- , col-sm-, col- .Four Class prefix,i.e col-lg- , col-md- , col-sm-, col-xs .
Use CSS Flexbox, CSS functions and variablesUse CSS Flexbox.Use CSS Float and Clear
Only responsive layout .Only responsive layout .Non responsive layout option .
Use better CardsUse Cards instead of wells and panels.No Cards
Inverse Table Option.Inverse Table Option.No option for inverse Table

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