Fizz Buzz Python Program | Fizzbuzz Program in Python

Fizzbuzz Program in Python using Functions.

Write a function with the name fizz_buzz that takes a number as an argument.

If the number is divisible by 3, it should return “Fizz”.

If it is divisible by 5, it should return “Buzz”.

  • If it is divisible by both 3 and 5, it should return “FizzBuzz”.
  • Otherwise, it should return the same number.


The first line of input will contain an integer.


The output should be a single line containing the word according to the above conditions.


For example, if the given number is 20, the output should be “Buzz” as 20 is divisible by 5 and not divisible by 3.

Whereas the given number is 7, the output should be 7, as 7 is not divisible by neither 3 nor 5.

Sample Input 1

Sample Output 1

Sample Input 2

Sample Output 2


def fizz_buzz(number):
    if number%3==0 and number%5==0:
    elif number%3==0:
    elif number%5==0:
    return result

number = int(input())



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